Pink Pants

I really don’t feel like updating today, but I think I should and there are things I want to say. So here we go, my life in 15 minutes or less.

I need to start be announcing that yesterday I bought pink pants. Maybe I’m just copying my cool roommate or maybe its because everyone in Egypt has pink pants and I thought I needed some too. Either way I have them and when I wear them I feel like a rockstar–yeah that’s right pants can do that kind of thing.

Today we went to Cairo University to have a “dialogue of civilizations” with the students there. The campus was buzzing with activity and I could just imagine student demonstrations of all kinds taking place in the 60s and 70s. My parents went to school there and I know my dad likes to cause a ruckus and there are stories, but I don’t remember all the details. I’ll save that one for a rainy day. It was a pleasant day. The students we talked to were impressive, but many of there perceptions about Christianity were a little, um, ridiculous. They informed me that the Bible says that we have the kill anyone who converts from Christianity. We were discussing human rights and talking about freedom of religion, that point came up and my jaw dropped to the floor. We corrected them and one guy from our group told the story of the prodigal son, but it is frustrating to be workig so hard to understand this culture when I sometimes get the feeling that no one hear cares to understand me. I guess I’m just beginning to skim the surface of what misconception exsists on both sides and I’ll be satisfied if by the time I leave this place I have learned to ask the correct questions.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about in the past few weeks. I don’t think there is any difference between preaching the gospel and serving the poor, but I do think that there is a difference between evangelizing and preaching the gospel. Maybe I’m walking on thin ice, but I think that we are too concerned with pulling souls over this line that we can’t see or define. I don’t think its my job to get people saved, I think that is up to the working of the Holy Spirit. And of course I believe He uses us for that purpose, and that’s where preaching the gospel comes in. In Egypt, its not often that people convert because of really good evangelistic methods and it usually happens because of dreams and visions. So pray for dreams and visions and pray that Christians would have the power to love, to preach the gospel to the poor, to bind up the brokenhearted, and proclaim freedom for the captives. Words aren’t working. The four spiritual laws just don’t cut it. I don’t have the answers, and I’m not exactly sure how this looks in real life. All I know is that something in me has to change, and I think I’m slowing beginning to see all that, but there are miles to go before I sleep.

I have a confession to make. Jenny, brace yourself. Sometimes I don’t like Bush. Most of the time I think he’s okay. But, I’ll have a conversation that just sets me off, or I’ll see something on the news and get really worked up. I think I’ll come out on the middle of the road of all this, but the verdict is still out. Everything is such a mess here and I its hard to see what could’ve been different and no one’s perfect, but that just needed to be said. And here’s the other thing I’m thankful that I’m allowed to say express that opinion, because opinions of Mubarak should not be voiced out loud in this country. I am proud to be an American.

I have my Islamic Thought and Practice final on Monday–I’ll be sad when that class is over. I have not often felt that way at the end of a class. Two weeks of Arabic left–I’m practically fluent. And when Arabic is done we leave for three weeks of travel to Turkey, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. We’re going to Petra–that’s were Inidian Jones was filmed. Needless to say we’re all extremely excited. That’s all I have tonight. I’ll see you on the flip side.



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9 responses to “Pink Pants

  1. Anonymous

    I love you Marcia May.

  2. Bonnie

    I’m thankful to be learning so much from your experiences, Marcia. Thank you for sharing your frustrations, questions, and bold statements. As always, I look forward to talking to you. There is always so much to say. -BG
    PS. The only way you could be more of a rockstar in your pink pants is if you crimped your hair.
    PPS. Jenny, are you okay…?

  3. J. DeGeyter

    I praise honesty more than I praise fake conservativism…seriously. I want to hear opinions. I write articles about being an open minded Christian…here I am open. I have lots to tell you about reevaluating my beliefs…including the “feed the poor issue” an email is coming your way. I love you.

  4. Nawal Ghali

    Hi Marcia May,
    Wow you have been learning a lot and I am so glad that you are asking the hard quesitons. I can just imagine you being at Cairo University in the same spots where I once stood with my friends and the thought warms my heart. I feel like I am sharing part of myself and my past with you and that gives me great pleasure. Your Spiritual Journey is in full swing and that is exciting, keep seeking and you will find, keep asking and He will answer! You are paying attention to God and his is gazing on you with pleasure. Keep that image in your mind always.
    I have arleady heard about the cool pink pants from your Auntie Nancy, she liked them a lot. Rock On!
    I love you forever,
    I’ll like you for always,
    As long as I’m living,
    My baby you’ll be.

  5. Andrew Meyer


    Remember me, Andrew? I hope so.

    It is really interesting to read your post today because I have been thinking a lot about some of the same things. You noted how preaching the gospel and serving the poor are in many ways synonymous. Also, you noted how even though God works through us, it is, afterall, GOD who is working. He changes hearts, not us.

    At Drake, here, we have been trying to get very active in proclaiming the gospel. One of the most freeing and wonderful awarenesses to have in the process is that God saves people, not us. He inevitably will use us in the process, but it is all Him. I love this so much because it takes the pressure out of sharing.

    Also, speaking of serving the poor: It has sort of become one of my passions, but in a slightly different application–fair trade. I’ll not go into detail on this, but Proverbs has a ton to say about treating the poor well and not taking advantage of them.

    Finally, I am glad to hear that you’re not 100% a Bush fan, because I am not either. Again, I’ll not go into my political views in depth, but simply put I have a lot of problems with both parties and I like a lot of things about both of them also–I guess I would classify myself as a moderate. There’s always two sides to things and rarely is either side completely right or wrong.

    Anyway, I hope all is well for you and I am very glad to hear from you. I don’t usually comment on your posts, but I always read them.

  6. J. DeGeyter

    We are living in fairlane.
    That is pretty sweet if you ask me!!! I love you.

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for being bold enough to share your convictions. It seems like too often Christians keep their opinions to themselves, for fear of upsetting others, or of being looked at differently- even if their opinions are correct and need to be said. You’re truly and awesome girl. Stay strong! I love you bunches!!–your Irish Indian Friend

  8. Travis

    Welcome to the dark side of politics and the evangelical world, I welcome you with open arms.


  9. Anonymous

    This is scott, Im actually in your sisterrs room while you talk to her over the phone…kind of funny. Any way read your latest blog posting and wanted to comment…first off way to go on the pink pants…keep on keep on! i also wanted to share in your frustration on “evangelizing” Your so right, don’t feel like your on thin ice, rather find peace in the truth that you are discovering. The Gospel is less words and more the out pouring of the amazing love we have recived. If only we brought the Gospel to the world through such love we wouldsee actaul change, and yet we still try to take those in poverty down the Roman Road, and yet never bring them down the road to the hospital. Don’t get down or frustrated, be thankful that you see so much more than most other people get to and can understand just a little bit what the world outside sees. On a differnt note I totally understand your frustrations with the current admisinstration, especially when you begin to realize how much US policy effects the rest of the world…and the rest of world includes many that you love dearly. But don’t lose that middle ground, its important to be able to see both sides. ok im done rambling, I hope your loving every minute you have, hope to get to see you in the future. peace my friend.


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