Cairo Raining

This weekend I stayed home in Agouza while most of the other kids went to Mt. Sinai to play for the weekend. Andrew and Amber stayed back too. I’m so glad that I’m here and not there. I took this weekend to put my life back in order, because from here on out we’ll move at break neck speeds. Next week we are visiting the U.S. Embassy, the Arab League, taking our Arabic final, and then leaving for three weeks of travel on Thursday. So three loads of laundry later all my clothes are clean and my closet is organized. I even flossed my Chacos (my all-purpose sandals; not to be confused with Jon Chacko). Did you know you have to floss your Chacos? Its sort of a pain but if you don’t your straps will get cemented in place. You have to run them under water and pull the straps all the way through one way and then the other. You’ll be surprised at all the junk you’ll see coming out and your hands will hurt, but it really is essential. I’m not sure why I said that…

It rained a lot this week. It was the closest thing to acid rain that I’ve ever seen. The raindrops were murky with pollution and the puddles in the street were festering with bacteria and strange disease, I’m sure. There are so many pot holes in this city and the rain filled them up creating huge ponds in the streets that did in fact slow down traffic for an entire day. Everyone was really concerned that if we weren’t careful we would slip and fall on the wet pavement. I laughed and remembered the sidewalks during J-term. I can count on my hands the days during J-term that I didn’t fall. I think Jill made it through two or three days with out meeting the pavement. I hear its still snowing in Upland. That’s funny.

Thursday night Andrew, Amber and I went to my grandparents to do our homework. We worked hard on Arabic and then played cards with my grandpa and ordered rice pudding–delivered right to the front door. Everything can be delivered in Cairo, even MacDonalds. This is how we ordered that delicious dessert. You know how phone numbers usually have 7 numbers? Same deal in Egypt, usually. But as we have been discovering this place tends to defy gravity. So we have this mysterious 5-digit number that we supposedly can call from anywhere in Egypt and the rice pudding fairy will deliver it to your front door. I mean, it worked I’m not really sure how, but I do know that rice pudding in Egypt is way better than it is in the States.

Yesterday, Amber and I attended Amin’s birthday party. (You know, the kid that wants to hunt penguins) He turned three. There was an ice cream man there and a face painting man and a some strange form of an Egyptian pinanta. I also met the pet flamingos, there are four of them and alledgedly you are allowed to pet them, except you have to be sure to grab their beaks first. The instructions sounded ominous so I decided to keep my hands to myself, although, I did have one of those destructive urges I sometimes get to try and knock their legs out from under them. I resisted. No, I’m not sure if they eat shrimp all day or not, but there legs were bright pink. I finally got to see my cousin, Nora and met her baby, Alex, he has bright blue eyes.

A verdict has been reached. I’m living in Fairlane (off-campus apartments) next year with (in order from oldest to youngest) Jenny, Bonnie, and Jill. (I go between Jenny and Bonnie in the birth order in case you were wondering). I am the luckiest girl on campus, don’t even try to convince me otherwise. I’m not kidding Ekman, don’t even try. I’m so excited to live with these amazing girls, but I feel a little bit of sadness as well. A big part of my heart will remain on 3CE. I mean, I love freshman so much, you’re probably going to have to share your freshman with me. I’m well aware I’m no MVP, but I don’t think you can stop me from playing football with you either. I think that’s all I have to say about that.

My job prospects for the summer are looking rather bleak. And I thought job hunting from Indiana was difficult. Let me know if you wish to employ me, okay.

There are things I’m not saying, because I don’t know how to say them and there are tears that aren’t coming. Its good to know that Jesus understands me better than I understand my myself, because feelings are confusing and sometimes I wish I didn’t feel quite so deeply. Talking to you last night was good and I’m glad we hung up laughing.

I’ll try to post one more time before I leave for travel, but I’m not making any promises. Once travel begins you probably won’t hear from me for three weeks. I’ll do my best to clear it out, but my email will probably freak out while I’m gone. Just FYI. Thanks for reading and thanks for posting–your comments really mean a lot to me.



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6 responses to “Cairo Raining

  1. brit

    There was that one time when all three of us were in your top bunk and you were convinved that not if, but when I fell, I would die…and then there is that other time when there were all sorts of strange gases coming from your side of the room, I mean the mother Mary’s side of the room, at, oh, I don’t know, 3 am and of course you, I mean she, was only burping (this might be one of those only lie if it’s blantant things)…I mean, we should probably always hang up laughing.
    And I’m sory of angry with you because you think it’s funny that it’s snowing here for the fith month in a row.
    Marcia May, I know that you wish you didn’t feel so deeply, and I might be cruel in saying this, but I’m thankful that you do, because that might be part of Jesus making us to be friends.
    Peace, love, and, well, 5 inches of snow,
    p.s. read Is 57:14-21, you might love it.

  2. J. DeGeyter

    Wow. Exciting weekend. Glad you experience flamingos…I think I have a scar on my hand from which one nasty one snapped at my for looking at the water. I am so glad we talked the other day…I know now how you feel and I agree…it just is easier for me to decide to live in 2M because I am not going to be here 2nd semester. (cross your fingers)…I think living in Fairlane is a once in a lifetime opportunity, kinda like ordering rice pudding via telephone.
    Your posts will be missed while you are gone.
    Keep thinking hard…I want you too, it makes you more beautiful. Jesus wants us to be “ready to give an answer to those that asks for the hope that is within us.” You are living it out there. I love you.

  3. Anonymous

    aren’t flamingos great marcia?!? haha. there are lots of them florida! hehe. i’m glad you got to experience them. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  4. Bonnie

    I bet the rice pudding fairies and computer- repairing fairies are friends. (speaking of fairies- the other day someone told me I reminded them of tinkerbell. it was a good day)
    IM email is a liberating form of communication, eh?
    By the way, Marcia- I’m glad you didn’t act on your destructive urges. You maybe need to keep those in check.
    I thought of you as I did a “Sunday Sweep” today. Whatever happened to that chore-chart idea? Maybe in 2M…

  5. Natalie


    Maybe you can just be unemployed and hang out with me while i am not at kamp or Africa! We could have much fun! How i miss that night after puff painting or the nights out on your trampoline with random people. (doug and dan???) I hope you do well on your arabic test. I have full faith in your many capablilities. Thank you so much for sending me a b-day card. You have no idea how much that made my day! I miss you! Love, Natalie

  6. Travis

    flamingos? that would be wicked awesome, see if you can’t smuggle one back for me. or not. i really wouldn’t want you to get arrested upon your return for bringing dangerous pet flamingos into the states.

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