Growing list

Well, well, well. As usual, the gardening has gotten WAY ahead of the documenting. Every year this is what happens, the thing just starts rolling and I think I will just remember the details of what happened. Yeah, right.

In summary here is what has happened over the last couple months. I planted a batch of seedlings in mid-March using tiny starter pots that I made out of toilet paper rolls. Very quickly those seedlings developed a white layer of mold, so I scraped that whole endeavor and started over a couple weeks later with jiffy pellets.

Jiffy pellets are like those little tablets you used to get when you were a kid: they soak in water and wah-lah you have a little hand towel or stuffed animal or something. When you pour water into the pellets, they become little germinating pots. After several weeks they did develop a little bit of mold, which I think was caused by a lack of circulation…very minor compared to the toilet paper roll debacle. I mixed a little hydrogen peroxide in with the water I used to water them and got that under control pretty quickly. I did like using the jiffy pellets. Eventually some of the plants outgrew the pellets and I moved about 40 of  them to small peat pots.

A bunch of my tomato seedlings have bounced back after a sunburn incident  (I put them outside to “harden them” on a particularly warm and windy day) and they are happily in the ground as of yesterday.

I lost all my brussels sprouts  seedlings after putting them in the ground the day before an awful wind storm (seriously people, pay attention to the weather when you are planting). They were replaced by a four pack from the nursery where I work.

I inherited 6 asparagus crowns from the farm (where I intern), because we found them in the bottom of a bucket after we were too utterly exhausted to plant anything else.

And I bought strawberries from the nursery! I know, what a space hog. I couldn’t help myself though.

All in all this is what I have in the ground as of today:

swiss chard (gurney seed)
garlic (planted last fall and another round in march)
french breakfast radishes (gorgeous! seed savers seed)
broccoli (seed savers seed)
clemson spineless okra (seed savers seed)
ancho peppers (seed savers seed)
marconi peppers (seed savers seed)
thai hot peppers (seed savers seed)
french filet beans (seed)
lazy housewife beans (seed savers seed)
cucumbers (gurney seed)
cherokee purple tomato (2) (seed savers seed)
nebraska wedding tomato (1) (plant from the nursery)
hillbilly potato leaf tomato (3) (seed savers seed)
beam’s yellow pear tomato (3) (seed savers seed)
mortgage lifer tomato (2) (seed savers seed)
jade cross brussel sprouts (plants from the nursery)
collard greens (passed along to me by Jara)
siberian kale (seed savers seed)
baby bok choy (seed)
butternut squash (seed savers seed)
zucchini (seed savers seed)
genovese basil (seed savers seed)
purple basil (gift from Anna)
mint (perennial–from mom)
dill (perennial)
thyme (perennial)
oregano (perennial)
lavender (perennial)
cliantro (seed savers seed)
chives (perennial)
ground cherries (seed savers seed)
strawberries (plants from the nursery)
asparagus (crowns and plants from farmer’s market)
lettuce mix (seed savers seed)
mesclun mix (seed)
sweet peas (seed savers seed)
fairytale eggplant (2) (bought at farmer’s market)
japanese long eggplant (1) (bought at farmer’s market)
diamond eggplant (2) (seed savers from seed)
purple viking potatoes (seed potatoes from the nursery)

waiting for these seeds to germinate outside:
bread poppy flowers

I know it seems like a lot, but I have just a little of a lot of things, because I am so curious about growing various items. I have one small space left. Maybe I will try sweet potatoes? Any suggestions?


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One response to “Growing list

  1. Sarah

    You are growing quinoa?!?!? You are my hero.

    We planted sweet potatoes last year. We harvested quite a few! We didn’t know what to expect. They vined all. over. the. place. I would suggest looking for a non-vining variety if you decide to go the sweet potato route.

    Reason #432 why Moriah’s middle name is accurate…Monday night’s conversation (said very dramatically): “Mom, why aren’t we having spaghetti for dinner? Why do you NEVER make spaghetti anymore? It is my favorite food and you never make it.” We had it for dinner on Wednesday and she was one happy girl.

    Love you!

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