Zone Map

Omaha is borderline between Zone 4 and 5. A lot of Nebraska is a solid 5, but in really detailed maps there is that tiny dot right over Omaha that is shaded for Zone 4.  (Reminiscent of how Nebraska is a solid red state, but Omaha totally went blue in 2008). Zones are determined by the lowest expected temperature in your area, so even if you live outside the U.S.  you can place yourself in a zone. Knowing your zone helps you plan you calendar, and be realistic about what plants you can grow (I can’t grow dahlias, bummer). Check out the map below. You can also check out the USDA website for a more detailed interactive map.

zone map

In Omaha, its time to start planting seedlings indoors. The  last frost date in my zone is May 10 and lots of seeds can grow inside for 6 – 8 weeks. Starting plants from seeds can seem really complicated, and anyone who has known me well through a growing season knows that I  can get a tiny bit obsessive over my seedlings in March and April. A couple years ago I started hosting my parents for Easter weekend, because I absolutely refused to abandon my defenseless plants so early in their lives. But really, it shouldn’t be that complicated.

I’ll write more about how I am planting my seeds this year soon.



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  1. monica

    loving the blog resurgence — excited to follow this journey with you :)! <3<3

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