Seed to Table

2010 Seedling. Photo by Brittany Hanson.

In the next few days, I will sit down with piles of seed catalogues that have made their way to my door and make some tough decisions about what I will grow in the garden this summer. Last year I discovered the joy (and agony) of growing my plants from seed. It was such a roller-coaster. First, the excitement of seeing the seedlings make their appearance followed by the agonizing wait while they slowly, slowly take the shape of the plants they will become. I worried if they would survive, if they were bolting, getting too much water or not enough, and on and on. Eventually they were set in the ground and left to their own devices. Although it was questionable in that cold, inhospitable spring,  by mid-summer almost every single one of my grown-from-seed plants were flourishing.

This year I’m going to create an illustrated documentation of the development of the garden from seed to table experimenting both with photography and organic growing methods.


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