Daphne’s Hair

I have been in Omaha for 2 years working at Word Made Flesh. Our community (as Chris likes to put it) has got some quirks. One is that we take LOADS of group photos. Sometimes it gets a little confusing.

Daphne is my hip, beloved supervisor. She’s been working it at WMF for 10 years! Due to the enormous volume of photos floating around, when I look through WMF photo albums sometimes I get confused whether or not I was around for the event. I flip through to find a photo of Daph, because I can keep time according to her hair color, cut and style. She threw some auburn lowlights into the mix the summer I moved here. So blonde Daphne is definitely pre-Marcia. Since I’ve been here the hair in question has been alternatively  stick straight, wavy, with bangs straight across the forehead, and with bangs swept across the forehead in varying shades of red. Some examples:

Pretty much she’s edgy and could pull of just about anything.

So today at lunch we had some suggestions for her hair appointment this afternoon: asymmetrical hair cut, just a trim, super short

or a mohawk.

We sort of got stuck on that one. And offered to pay her to do it. It escalated quickly.

Like I said before Daph has been serving with Word Made Flesh for 10 years! She is receving a much needed sabbatical starting the end of this month and is in need of a little extra financial support before she goes.

So, see Daphne get a mohawk by supporting her sabbatical.

Check out the video:


Go to wordmadeflesh.org and hit the “donate now” button and in the designation line write Daphne’s mohawk.



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3 responses to “Daphne’s Hair

  1. thanks for the support marcia! i like my hippest haircut from fourth grade best. maybe i should get that instead of a mohawk.

  2. Nawal Ghali

    this is so stinking funny! I will definitely vote for the no mohawk. I hope I will tip the scales in that direction. Hair says a lot you know! But a mohawk!!! I hope that was not your idea Marcia May. I love you forever and for always. Mama

  3. haha! i will have you know, nawal, that even though it wasnt marcia may’s idea, she WAS the first to vote for the mohawk. 🙂

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