Kolkata to Bangkok

I spent three days and four nights in Kolkata with the people. My immediate response to the city itself was fascination. It actully reminded me alot of Cairo

I sad goodbye to Daphne, my faithful traveling companion at the Bangkok airport and headed off into the city to meet up with Amy. We went  to The Bed and Breakfast guesthouse. Its a really cute little place. My room is tiny and I’ve been referring to it as my cell. Like a nun in a convent. I love it!

Yesterday the Hupes and I took to the steets in the neighborhood they are hoping to move into this summer. We saw one really cute place with irridescent pink columns on the veranda. Not only was it a great place, but it would also be impossible to miss. The Hupes have been here just under a year and are in the stages of dreaming and visioning what the field will become. They have so much engery and hope for the people of Bangkok. I feel really priveleged to be here with them while they are in this stage. I’m inspired.

Went to church with the Hupes yesterday and the flowers on teh altar were teh sweetest smelling orchids. The streets are full of gorgeous flowers for sale. I wish I coudl bring some home, but I don’t think the U.S. government looks kindly on that kind of thing.

That’s it for now.



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6 responses to “Kolkata to Bangkok

  1. hey friend,

    glad you had a good time. sorry i couldn’t make it out there this weekend. i’ll see you this winter!


  2. Amanda

    time to come home yet?

  3. daph

    i hope you’re not wearing your blue habit in your cell. that would be too hot.

    i miss you already.

  4. nawal ghali

    Hi Marcia May, it makes me so happy when I go to your blog and you have posted an update. Sending much love and prayers your way. I love you forever and for always. Mama

  5. Monica

    sissy! i LOVE all the blogging. i can’t wait to hear all the details of your asian adventure. love love love you so much!

  6. bhanson

    I agree with Daphne.

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