Carpal Tunnel

I left Nepal on Monday afternoon. That morning I noticed that my right wrist really hurt. It was hard to bend it at all. At first, I thought it was post-traumatic carpal tunnel from the field forum kicking in a few days later. Or it could have been from the dozens of momos (kind of like pot stickers) I helped fold at Karuna Ghar on Sunday. Either way I’m completely recovered now.

I’m in Kolkata now. I just adore the staff here; Beth, Sarah, Kyle, Brent, and Melinda have been incredibly hospitable. I have also had the chance to spend time celebrating with some of the ladies that they know. It has truly been an honor to be here.

I leave tomorrow for Bangkok. Looking forward to the last leg of the journey with the Hupes.

My trip has been very educational and super energizing for me as I think about heading back to Omaha next week. Thanks for your continued prayers. It means a lot to me and goes such a long way in supporting me.

Lots of love to you.



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3 responses to “Carpal Tunnel

  1. Nawal Ghali

    Hey sweetheart, it is good to hear that you are being energized by your connections and the people you meet. I pray that you have more energizing and refreshing connections and some time of rest and maybe beach in Thailand. I love you so very very much forever and for always. Mama

  2. brittany

    on the plane about to leave for haiti as I type. Thankful things have gone so well. Anxious to hear about east Asia too. Miss you love you safe travels

  3. bhanson

    so glad to hear you haven’t sustained any major injuries. can’t wait till you’re back. i’m trying to be patient.

    peace. love. traveling mercies.

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