With Love from Nepal

It has been almost a week since I left the U.S. Caleb and Daphne came and got me from my house. Caleb sang us a song on the drive o the airport and sent us on our way.

The week has been busy and went by really fast for me. I got to visit all the sites where the Servant Team members volunteer while they are in Kathmandu and also visited several of their host families. Calvin has been a gem to show me all around his town. One of the places we visited is a community for those affected by leprosy, developmental disabilities, and otherwise marginalized. the community has an emphasis on sustainability so they recyle everything. They cook with coils of recycled paper and make all kinds of hand crafts with other materials. The sale of the crafts is used to support the community. Some of the items were little paper atationery type things and others were ornate products of skilled silversmiths. Its a really beautiful picture of redemption.

And since its all over facebook, I guess I’m allowed to blog about it too. Andrew and Susan got engaged while I was here! I was extremely honored to act as the ring bearer. Susan sent me an unassuming little package to carry to Andrew for Valentine’s Day. She told me it was a skimpy red velvet robe. But no, it was the engagement ring with a note enclosed asking him to marry her. He said yes! So, congratualations to the happy couple. I’ve already informed them that I will be available to act as the ring bearer in the actual ceremony as well.

Some other highlights were visiting the two homes run by Word Made Flesh and sharing meals with the Nepali and North AMerican staff. I met the beautiful girls at Karuna Ghar briefly, but those little girls have a demanding academic schedule! I peaked into an oven where they make naan bread and was delighted to see how it is cooked. There are fantastic buildings in gorgeous sahde s of purple that have made me really happy, too. Purple is my color for 2009.

The Field Forum starts this evening and I’ll be doing all kinds of note taking. Fleshies from all over the world started arriving on Saturday and the lobby of our hotel has been buzzing with six different languages as we make introductions and figure our logistics. Its super exciting to be together and I’m really loking forward to the week ahead.



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9 responses to “With Love from Nepal

  1. Nawal Ghali

    I am so glad for the update. We are praying for you. Love you forever and for always, Mama

  2. bhanson

    You’ll be delighted to know that my ice house was purple, too. Miss you & love you.

  3. bebe

    Thankful for the update, your safety, and the joy you have found on your journey. I thought of you yesterday on the 6 month anniversary of our wedding. I’m sending the prayer you read in your direction, and also a little prayer for excellent note-taking skills. Love you.

  4. Jenny

    Your words are beautiful as is your work. I am so glad that the communities are welcoming you so nicely. Its a comfort to know your passion for love extends all over. I am praying for you.

  5. Bonnie

    I’m wearing a purple shirt right now. AND I’m thinking about you a lot lately. Love you

  6. Jenny

    I tried posting earlier and I’m not sure where it went; I’m thinking big government took it away…

    Anyway, You are in my heart, thoughts and prayers and I’m making curry tonight to think of you more.

  7. daph

    i love traveling with you!!!!!!!

    so much.

  8. It is definitely appropriate that I am wearing a purple scarf today! And that I was thinking about you and wondering about your trip. So thankful to read an update. Praying for you! Love you!

  9. smothers

    I didn’t know you could choose colors for the whole year! Alright I choose green!

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