Mid-afternoon Roommate Chat

Slightly edited.
me: i might be depressed again after the sun sets
(secretly I am a werewolf) 
brittany please don’t bite me
 me:  DANG IT! I should have saved that one for postsecret
 brittany:  dang dang dang dang
 me:  I  feel like flying into a werewolfy rage
 brittany:  knocking everything over, howling and growling, drooling and biting?
 me:  yes. der!!
 brittany:  yikes
sounds like fun!  can i do it too even if i’m not a werewolf
 me:  yes
me: i’m going to prayer now

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One response to “Mid-afternoon Roommate Chat

  1. you two are crazy. i miss your ridiculous interactions.

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