I definitely wouldn’t call myself an artist, but I do think I can say I am aesthetically oriented. I love beautiful design. When I choose stationery I deliberate over the size, shape and feeling of the envelope and paper in combination with the color and print.

One of my dear friends, Jill, with a little friendly teasing passed on to me her aversion for knick-knacks. Now, I don’t think I ever LIKED or collected knick-knacks, but Jill helped me widen my definition for knick-knacks. I think a knick-knack is a mediocre item with no use. I think sometimes I am tempted to acquire things that are mildly pretty, but have no purpose–especially if the mediocre item is cheap. I am especially weary of souvenirs which can end up being something that looks really great at the time but sits in a drawer for years with an aura of untouchability around it. Its those coconut coasters that say: you can’t get rid of me, you brought me here from Venezuela when you were 15.  Now if something is just beautiful,  then that’s a different thing all together. (And I do have a weakness for kitsch.) The opposite of a knick-knack is an item that meets this criteria: form = function.

I am delighted when I encounter these items. Like these stamps:

For exactly the same price as those tasteless liberty bell forever stamps, I can place this work of art on the exterior of my correspondence. Celebrate aesthetics. Reject knick-knacks.



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5 responses to “Knick-Knacks

  1. brent


    DOWN WITH KNICK-KNACKS !!! especially figurines like precious moments, angels, garden gnomes, unicorns, and lawn ornaments like pink flamingos/

    Also, down with dream catchers, pictures of coyotes, dogs playing poker, the singing bass plaque, and Christmas ties & sweaters.

  2. brit

    you can make me stop loving garden gnomes.

  3. Um, didn’t you know that you were supposed to let me know when you were blogging again? I have missed so much! And your beautiful garden…I’m so proud of you!!! We love you so very much and think of you often. (No Omaha trip for us this year. *tear*)

  4. smothers

    oh dear… i actually love knick knacks. but only because i can never bring myself to throw anything away. and i’ll keep it in the bedroom.

  5. smothers

    ps: this is liz, not calvin – sorry i need to log him out.

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