I’ve been memed by Jara and Monica. So I’m supposed to say seven things about myself and meme seven other people. Except all the bloggers I know have already been tagged. So I’m playing by my own rules.

Seven things about me.

1. I get stuck on an outfit and wear it constantly. I try to only wear said outfit to work once or twice a week, but then I also wear it to every special event & in my house. I call it my habit, like a nun. I’m wearing it now. 

2. Sometimes I act confused even though I know exactly what’s happening.

3. I suffer from buyer’s regret.

4. I know I’m funny. I was recently informed that it is a trait of my personality type (ENFP) to think you are funnier than you are in reality. At least I’m happy and can really crack myself up.

5. If I can see a mirror, don’t try to have a conversation with me. I’ll be too busy looking at my hair and making faces. This is especially a problem at restaurants with walls of mirrors. 

6. I love short stories. Especially fairy tales.

7.  I vigilantly protect my identity from theft. I shred receipts, I cut credit cards into hundreds of piece and throw them away in different cans, I have a million different passwords (I can’t remember), and I kind of whisper when I have to say my social security number out loud at the bank.



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6 responses to “Memed

  1. daphnedel

    i’m totally laughing at my desk. this more than adequately reflects the perfect combination of quirkiness, wit and endearing charm that is you.

  2. brit

    are you wearing your habit now?

  3. Monica

    i freakin’ love you. and everyone here was cracking up about the habit thing, apparently that’s slightly genetic :).

  4. Nawal Ghali

    It is genetic!!! It comes straight from your father. And yes you are very funny…you have been cracking me up for the last 23 years and I love it. You bring laughter doubled by joy…I love you forever and for always. Mama

  5. tina

    i don’t think you could possibly assume that you’re funnier than you are regardless of mb’s assessments…why, i’m laughing now remembering the whole mirrored wall at M’s when we had dinner…and here i thought i had food on my face….

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