First Fruits

Here are more pictures from my garden compliments of Jara. Last night Brittany and I cooked up our very first banana pepper. As I plucked the lone pepper from the plant that has seen more than its fair share of rabbits I very gladly (selfishly?) noted that grain offerings are no longer in vogue. In that moment I really did not want to give away our first little pepper.

So. What first fruits does God want from me? Will I give my best and first?



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2 responses to “First Fruits

  1. Nawal Ghali

    Wow! Two cukes and a Bee-balm… I love it! I am excited for you. It is very easy to take ownership of the free gifts of God’s Grace through the earth! I am glad that you are attentive to the movements that gardening causes within!
    I love you forever and for always,

  2. Monica

    yay! first fruits! i wish i could come over for a taste…

    also, i think you might have been hit already but nonetheless this is me meme-ing you. love love love!

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