Something to be Proud of

There are some things about this country that I’m not super impressed by: over consumption, violent nationalism, ethnocentrism, homeowner’s associations, race relations, the red-white-and-blue church, and I could go on…

Then there are times when I really can’t help it, I shout out: I LOVE this country. Walking through a public park in downtown Omaha on a hot Saturday morning I became quite thirsty. Then I spotted it, a public drinking fountain.

Clean water.
For free.
For anyone.

My joy over this discovery was large enough to cushion my disappointment when I found out the drinking fountain was out of order. At that point, my excitement about the accessibility of clean water, in this country, peaked and I forgot my thirst for a moment.

A couple days later, on a rainy Tuesday morning I heard the grinding noise of the big truck in our alley. I walked over to the window in my pajamas and watched three men load up our trash, toss our can aside triumphantly, and go on to the next residence. Not to mention the green metal cans I’ve seen around town sprayed painted: KEEP OMAHA BEAUTIFUL. I think I will. Garbage disposal at its best.

And don’t even get me started about the United States Postal Service. Love it.



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3 responses to “Something to be Proud of

  1. daphnedel

    i absolutely love this post. the words “God bless america” have run through my mind when i see water fountains and restrooms in the park. usually when i’m running.

    another great american treasure — clean and pretty rest stops along the interstates.

    and don’t get ME started on the gorgeous, well-watered flower baskets hanging from dundee street posts. they make summer better.

  2. oh my goodness…

    clean water
    consistent, reliable trash collection
    postal service you can trust

    add paved roads to the list, and you’ve got a pretty great place.

  3. lacirachelle

    Hey girl! I randomly came across this blog. I love this post. It’s good to hear that you love Omaha!

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