Sinai Liberation Day

Twice in one day. I must be avoiding packing.

Happy Sinai Liberation Day. You think I’m kidding–its a national holiday. In 1973 Sadat signed a peace with Israel and got the Sinai back; later he was shot for it. Ironic how peace works around here. Word on the street has it that Mubarak gave a seven hour speech today concerning the momentous event. Wish I could’ve been there.

Actually, this weekend I was at a Coptic retreat center about an hour outside of Cairo called Anafora. Saturday, was maybe one of the best days of my life. All my essays were finished and I could do nothing to plan for the next stage of life. Anafora is so granola, as Claire would say. They grow their own food, all completely organic, so that they don’t have to buy bread that is subsidized by superpowers that will remain unnamed. We stayed in rooms that are shaped so that they stay cool in the day time and warm at night. Chelsea, Dina and I shared a bed that was covered by a mosquito net and pretended that we were jungle princesses. They don’t use electricty, just candles. I did get eaten alive by mosquitos before I got in bed the first night, but I suppose that’s the price you have to pay. We finished reading The Little Prince, and I decided that I never want to become like the grown-ups. I wish you could all come to Anafora with me; this is a place that will live in my memory representing a moment of peace.

Tommorow about half of the group will get on a plane to America and we will say a goodbye that doesn’t have an “I’ll see you when” on the other end. We’re planning a reunion at my house someday, because I’m Egyptian and we can eat Bilila every morning at my house. After that my daddy and sister are coming. Yesss, I can wait to see them. My adventure isn’t over though, my sister is joining me and six of my friends in a journey to the “other middle eastern country”. Next Sunday I’ll celebrate my second Easter of this year in Jerusalem. Did you know the Eastern and Western churches celebrate Easter on different days? They do.

Its time to go now. There are words to say, movies to watch, and things to pack. I just thought I’d drop a note and give you a reason to celebrate today–I mean the Sinai is as good a reason as any.



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8 responses to “Sinai Liberation Day

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Marcia May! Good ole Mama Dena told me about your blog site and I thought I would come and say hi! I have missed you much but hope that you are having a wonderful time in your home land of Egypt, and from your last post it sounds like you are. šŸ™‚ I am having to do a final project on Blogs for my Education Technology class, so in a way I am doing research as I leave you a comment! I can not wait to see you this summer and I hope you have an awesome time with Mon and Magdi and a great rest of your time there! Love you much!!

    em šŸ˜‰
    aka…emmy, emma leigh, mo, mulan…yah I think you get the picture! šŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous

    i mean…you are a jungle princess marcia! i miss your smile and your hugs and your curls. and i shall really miss you on our floor next year. wednesday is room draw and i’ve been sad this week thinking of all the great people that wont’ be on our wing anymore, you included. i love you.


  3. Bonnie

    I suppose even I could sit through “The Little Prince” if I were under a mosquito net with you. šŸ™‚
    Do you think we can have a garden when we live in Fairlane and grow our own vegetables? I want our apartment to be “granola”. I’m shopping around for some Aborginal art to put on our walls.
    You? Avoiding packing? No…

  4. J. DeGeyter

    Remember that time you put bags of dirty clothes over the summer at the Greens? Packing is not your talent but, loving people is. I am praying for your goodbyes, I know how hard they can be. 2M will be renamed many things…granola can be one.
    I love you.

  5. brit

    Went over to Fairlane 2D last night to eat some chocolate chip pancakes with Barrows, Boss, and Briggs at 12. Walked past 2M, laughed at the pictures and paraphanalia on the door and a happy feeling passed through my insides as I thought of the 4 beautiful women who will be living there in the Fall. Yea, definately granola…

  6. Anonymous

    Two easters? a 7 hour speech? misquito nets and little princes? Bring them all with you to 2M… where a step into our doorway will overwhelm you with granola, Aboriginal art, distant sounds of Billy Joel, the running water of a bathtub, Marcia’s curly hair all over the bathroom, soy milk in the fridge, ballet shoes on the floor and lots and lots of love. May your difficult goodbyes in Egypt be “I’ll see you in heaven”s and the beginning of a new life here in the States (America wants you back MMG!). Love. 2M. Princesses. Jill.

  7. Anonymous

    Quick question…what are we to do with king arthur? ash said she doesn’t have room at her house to store him. what is “plan b”???


  8. brit

    no worries kids…i’ve got this one taken care of…king arthur will be safe and sound.

    b to the h

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