Everytime it Hurts

Hello friends. I am posting to inform you of some sad news. Yesterday as we were leaving Jordan a bomb went off in Khan-el-Khalili, which is a tourist market in Cairo. Apparently the story is all over the news in the U.S. so I wanted to let you know that everyone in our group and all my family members are safe. We arrived in Cairo last night after an incredible journey–more on that later.

My heart is breaking for this place. and hoping for peace in the Middle East.

Many essays to write–not enough time or words to express what I want to say.

I’m out.


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One response to “Everytime it Hurts

  1. brit

    Mar- I’m grateful you and those close to you are safe. I’m praying and hoping for peace in the Middle East too because so many more that you have grown to love these last few months do not have such safety…
    I love you Ghali. An email well worth your reading is on it’s way soon. Know that I miss you terribly but am saddened that your time abroad is coming to a close…there is still so much to see and learn and love.

    Peace, my friend, peace,

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