Parallel Parking and Weekend Adventure

This is going to be quick, but there is much to tell so hold on. First, Madame Butterfly. Okay, so I’m a little embarassed to admit this and I’m sure JR would be so dissapointed, but I left before the third act. I mean we were so, so far away from the stage and I had some problems hearing and the “translation” was from Italian to Arabic. And after 2 1/2 hours of this I was satisfied with the synposis I read in the program

Okay lets talk about Alexandria. As I foreshadowed, accomadations were a little sketchy (my very hard pillow was sprinkled with pieces of mortar from the ceiling and I think we had to open the back of the toliet and reach in to get it to flush–you know things like that.) That wasn’t really a problem though it just made coming “home” to Agouza feel that much more like coming home. The highlight of my weekend was meeting this Muslim family in the public garden there. We played football and ate cake and and chatted about politics and religion. Don’t be decieved those veiled older ladies can put up quite the fight on the field. Then we went to Chili’s and I had Mexican–mmm rice and beans. We did some other touristy things, but you can see those boring pictures when I come home.

I went out with my Aunt Nancy today and just for the record that woman can parallel park like nothing I have ever seen. I think I was appaulding at the end of those antics. She also talks on her cell phone while weaving though traffic so be sure you’re wearing you’re seat belt before she gets started. It really was a great afternoon–we went shopping for some essentials for my flat.

Tomorrow we leave for Siwa Oasis right after class. Also tomorrow I need to have all prepositions memorized and be able to describe the placement of objects in the room without pause in Arabic so I should be going now. I didn’t proof read this so, yeah, maybe there are typos. (Sorry Alex)

P.S. Crossword puzzles most definetly fall in the small treasure category. Thank you. I laughed out loud and the others thought I was crazy…



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5 responses to “Parallel Parking and Weekend Adventure

  1. Anonymous

    Remember when cafe 318 was home? Now Cairo is home. That’s okay, Marcia, I’m glad that you’re feeling affectionate toward your place of residency.
    That was a pretty great crossword puzzle, I won’t lie. Brit and I thought it would be an extra challenge not to have an answer key. Let us know if you need further hints.
    Wasn’t Wilma’s dance recital longer than 2 and 1/2 hours? I’m glad you didn’t walk out on that-the grand finale deserved a “big hand clap.” Much much love,
    Bonnie Alice

  2. Anonymous

    great to read about your antics and adventures. i love you marcia ghali and think and pray of you often. you shall be recieving a little somethin, somethin soon.

  3. Jenny

    Marcia, I was walking into English hall yesterday and thought to myself “Oh, I need to tell Marcia something, I will run up there before dinner and tell her.” Then reality it me like the cold blastin’ wind….You’re not here. But, knowing that you are in Egypt, having the time of your life, makes me smile. What I wanted to tell you is that in my ‘Europe in the Middle Ages’ class, we were talking about Alexanderia and Arius and how he had lots of controversies in Christianity during the 4th century. I got super excited and smiled like a school girl because I knew you had just been there!
    Talking to you on the phone was wonderful and it made the day so great. B. Green came over in her orange sweatpants…dont fret, they WILL be well loved. Taylor has a Marcia-shaped hole in it, but I am glad to be back in the daily grind. I am praying for you and your Arabic…You are loved greatly.

  4. Stephen Becker

    Oh my. So you think just JR is disappointed with the Madama Butterful scandal?! Think again, MMG. Honestly, one of the most beautiful operas penned by my friend Puccini, and you leave before the culmination. Wow. Shock is an understatement. It’s like reading all the Cronicles of Narnia and choosing to stop before the last book. Or like an Italain folktale before the final line. Anyway, at least you went, and that’s more than most people do…

  5. Stephanie

    You wouldn’t believe how jealous I am of you!!! I can’t even imagine how awesome it is to just be there. I keep telling myself that I’ll travel soon enough. It still doesn’t seem fair that you’re in EGYPT and I’m stuck in a Government class where people have trouble recalling basic world geography. “yeah, isn’t Thailand by Africa?” no exaggeration. Anyway, I’m so excited for you and this awesome oppurtunity. although, it is kinda sad that you skipped out on the ending of Madame Butterfly. Love ya!! –Your Indian Irish friend

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