First Entry

This will be my means of communication concerning my time spent in the middle east. I am excited to share my musings with all of you lovely people. Until then… peace.



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7 responses to “First Entry

  1. Anonymous

    dude, write something… i love you

  2. Hannah Arlene

    Hey Marcia!
    That is so exciting that you are going to Egypt!! I remember you talking about it but i didn’t know when you were going. Well I will keep you in my prayers. Have an awesome time!!
    ~Hannah Wright (the blond one)

  3. Anonymous

    marcia, i love you and i’m praying for you as you leave this week. i leave tuesday. i’ll keep tabs on you through this, and you can do the same through my xanga. everything will be okay. love, bharty

  4. andrew j. ulasich

    I can’t believe you’re going to Egypt. That’s so exciting!! Maybe we should hang out. See you at the airport in New York? Sounds good. I can’t wait.

  5. Anonymous

    Tech yes- you’re going to Egypt!
    I know your true motives, Mae Precious. I saw those high heels in your luggage…

  6. Anonymous

    Isnt Africa amazing?
    I attempted to post yesterday but it seems as if it got lost in cyper space (I always hated that saying). Marcia, you Egyptian tan bombshell…I am so happy for you. I am praying for you daily.
    Drink Egyptian tea. Wear high heels (be a rebel dangit). Date your best friend’s soulmate, secretly of course. Wear head wraps and act like you’ve lived there forever. Take your womanhood and soar high (I had to say something regarding that). Fight injustice and learn a lot (so you can come back and show Dr. Hoff how much more you know than him and he can kiss your feet). I will miss you terribly and my heart hurts with love for you. –J. DeGeyter

  7. Anonymous

    this comment is regarding J DeGeyter’s previous comment. It made me laugh out loud and then weep right in the middle of the library. ( A heart full of love can move one to do such socially unacceptable things)
    – B. Green

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